Same Day Implants for Single Tooth and Multiple Teeth

No Need To Wait To Smile!

Traditionally, replacing missing teeth required grinding down the adjacent teeth for a bridge, or securing a partial denture to natural adjoining teeth with clasps that can eventually loosen the natural teeth and cause serious damage to the gum line. With dental implants, no such action is needed, so people are spared problems associated with traditional false teeth


There is no better, long-lasting option to restoring a missing tooth than a dental implant fitted with a crown:

  • Improved appearance.
  • Improved speech.
  • Improved comfort.
  • Easier eating.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Improved oral health.
single-and multiple-dental-implant

"Same Day Implants"

Replacing multiple teeth using dental implants with individual crowns or with an implant supported fixed bridge gives your teeth a level of fit, feel and functionality that is not possible with other treatment options. Dental implants are the permanent solution to missing teeth.

Immediate Load Dental Implants, known as “same day implants” allow placement of a temporary tooth (crown) during the same appointment as dental implant placement. The permanent crown will be placed in about three to six months. The procedure is best for patients who have enough natural bone and an implant that is secure enough to support immediate placement and pressure on the new temporary tooth. Read more about the benefits of dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Success rates of dental implants vary, depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed but, in general, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98%. With proper care (see below), implants can last a lifetime.

Most people who have received dental implants say that there is very little discomfort involved in the procedure. Local anesthesia can be used during the procedure, and most patients report that implants involve less pain than a tooth extraction.

Dental implants require the same care as real teeth, including brushing, flossing, rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, and regular dental check-ups.

After your new, finalized crown or bridge is cemented, wait one hour to eat. Avoid hard or sticky foods for a few hours.

It takes about an average of six to eight months for dental implants to fully heal to the point where you can resume your daily routine without assistance.

Immediately after the implant procedure, patients need to follow precise cleaning instructions. You should avoid strenuous activity for a few days after surgery, and eliminate smoking for a minimum of two weeks. Always practice proper oral hygiene and visit our dentists for a regular examination and checkup.


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